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Welcome to Rustic Mamma



I love all things parenting, food and fashion all whilst traveling the world.


I left the sunny beaches of Australia and moved to America. I had dreamed of it since I was little. I lived in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Nashville. Some may call me a gypsy or free spirit. I moved more times than you can count. Exploring and making lifetime friends. I even did a stint in Canada where I started a company called The Vegan Housewife.


Next was the creation of a lifestyle company. I went back to New York City juggling all of my crafts and loving every minute of it. Who wouldn't want to venture around one of the most energetic cities in the world. However my heart strings tugged me to Nashville, my home away from home. It felt like a rustic city so where better to be than here planting the seeds of what was to come. Going back to college in order to fulfill the "what you do" card I settled in Nashville. Well until the next adventure.


Being the explorer that I am I wanted to spend time in Paris before I settled down. So I went on a summer escapade and rented an apartment and frolicked in the streets, riding a scooter, tasting pastries and wearing my unique fashions whilst superbly fitting in. Returning to Nashville I felt like I reached a plateau. But at my wee age I feel that was just an illusion.


Roaming the world again back to Australia, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and settling back in Los Angeles. I kept entertaining the idea of a lifestyle blog, and so I created this! I hope it is helpful and maybe you can cook a few of my recipes, or share a travel or style link. I love using Pinterest too.


Now to the ‘aha!’ moment. The day I found out I was pregnant. It was the happiest day of my life! Knowing this I went into mamma mode and have been ever since. It gave me the chance to really hone my skills and contemplate the direction in which I wanted to go in. Even with my little one in tote we travel all the time. She is my compadre in the kitchen and has such a full spirit! Just like her mamma! 


Take a look and share.

Peace & Love

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