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Acai Bowls

The most tasty treat! you can really eat them at any time. My little one has been eating them since she was about 6 months old. I do make sure that it’s the kind with no added sugar or gurana. The brands I have used are Amazonia and Sambazon. Woolworths in Australia has their own Creative Gourmet brand too. Less packaging with theirs too.

Being from Brazil of course its good right? The pronunciation is ah sigh ee. It is funny to hear first timers ask for it.

So colourful and yummy. We all need to eat more rainbows.

Now there is a trick to getting the perfect consistency. Add liquid gradually. You can use, coconut water, juice, water, milk. It really is up to you. I typically use juice because I most often have that on hand. I also highly recommend that the fruit you add to the blender be frozen too, it all just helps with the consistency. Break up the acai, add frozen banana and maybe another fruit. Gradually pour in chosen liquid.

Now before you even do all of this get out all of your toppings and prepare them.

What you need (based on one serving):

Acai smoothie

-Frozen acai

-Frozen 1 banana, handful strawberries

-Choice of liquid (juice, milk, coconut water)

You blended it so its super thick


-fresh banana slices


-apple slices

-strawberry slices

-granola (can be some on bottom and on top)

-peanut butter or nutella

-flaxseed meal

-half a kiwi and or passionfruit (when in season)

-any fruit, mango, nectarines, apricots, plums, peaches, raspberries (when in season)

-any chocolate chips, trail mix, cacao nibs, coconut chips (optional)

-any other superfoods goji berries, hemp seeds, chia seeds, bee pollen (optional)

I love experimenting with the way I cut the fruit. Primarily for the purpose of photos. It all tastes the same. I may van dyke the kiwi, use little cookie cutters to carve shapes in various fruits. Really the skies the limit to what you want to add on top. I am sure there are those that add protein, greens, or other boosters to the smoothie part. I keep mine rather neutral so my toddler can enjoy it too. I just recommend that you remove most of their clothing and have a cloth nearby. We even tend to set a picnic blanket down and enjoy it in the backyard.

It is one of the most refreshing treats. I almost have to force myself to finish it because it fills me up so much. It is like a meal.

Rich in antioxidants. These amazing berries are known to improve skin and eye health, boost your immune system and reduce certain cancer causing cells. Good for your tummy and your heart.

A lot of the companies that produce acai products are fair trade, organic or non gmo.

Cool down over the summer or just eat it for breakfast for a change over cereal or toast.

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