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Top 10 baby shower must haves

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Having a baby shower is so much fun and such a blessing. It may be the last time you get to be pampered a little and spend time with your girlfriends for a while. It can be overwhelming trying to think of all the things you may need before baby comes. So here is my list.

I know for me it was almost harder because I did not want to know if I was having a boy or a girl. That is one of Gods greatest surprises and I wanted to wait till the very end!

I received a lot of neutral colours- my colour palette was yellow, grey and white. Once I had baby I planned to get a few more specific items. Especially for a little girl all the bows and pink frillies.

So you have the stroller, car seat and crib taken care of and now you need the other essentials.

Top Ten Items

1. Primo Eurobath Tub (I like this one because it doesn't have to go in the tub)

2. Kneeling pad for you whilst bathing them

3. Diaper change mat (unless your diaper bag comes with one)

4. Diaper cream with high zinc content (40%)

5. Grooming kit (brush for cradle cap, nail clippers)

6. Snugglenest

7. Exergen thermometer

8. White noise machine

9. Boppy Nursing Pillow

10. Lots of bibs and burp rags...

There is much more that I would add but these suggestions help a lot. Buy Buy Baby is my go to store as I love the 20% off coupon.

Baby clothes are great as you will be changing them all the time. One time I had to cut and outfit off because there was so much poop. It is a good idea to get various sizes as you don't know what size your baby will be until they come along. Also account for the weather and what size you think they may be at that time of the year, it is always wiser to go bigger.

You may want to invest in some nipple pads and lanolin cream, baby wipes galore and swaddles. Woombie and Aden and Anais make great ones. But if your child is anything like mine she did not prefer to be swaddled she actually detested it. She just wanted to be held, ALL THE TIME!

Have fun and enjoy the games and food and be grateful for all of the kindness and gifts given.

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