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Baking at Christmas

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

This is my most favourite time of the year. When I can play The Carpenters- Merry Christmas, darling, my Beach Boys Christmas record and some golden oldies. Ahhh, Christmas time is just so special. I have spent half my life in Australia and the other half in America. I have had my share of Aussie Christmas’s those filled with fun at the beach, playing French cricket, petanque, corn hole or the likes. Eating loads of cheese platters, fresh seafood, cold meats, tropical fruits and my favourite cookies. Christmas sweets are the best. I bake a lot of German cookies at Christmas time. A Christmas is not complete in our house unless there is Pfeffernusse. I even had the honour of baking in a snow covered cottage in Ontario with my friends mum who is German and learned all the secrets and tried her magnificent Linzer Augen. She also makes a mean Lebkuchen. They even light candles and put them on their Christmas tree. Thats’ hardcore Christmas tree decorating.

On the flip side I have been to St Patrick's Christmas Eve mass and had sub zero Christmas’s from Toronto, to Chicago to NYC. I spent a few special ones in LA, and Nashville too. The weather varies greatly but it’s safe to say it’s winter time and you are enjoying hot cocoa, roast dinners, baked pies, cob bread dips, pastries and all things hot. Again the cookies are made…

December 1st is our traditional tree trimming party

We love to go pick our tree on the First of December. It makes us feel in the Christmas spirit. We love getting a Griswold’s type tree but then again I also am happy to go to a lot or Home Depot. I love the smell of the Douglas Fir but the Noble is pretty and great for decorations. My home is flooded with smells of sugar, vanilla, spices and warmth.

I feel so at home in the kitchen. I love wearing my apron and watching the ingredients transform into simply delicious baked goods. I love my traditions. My sister and I have been together for a lot of Christmas’s and her signature cookie is the shortbread cut outs. I have been lending a hand in both decorating and eating.

The smell of spices and pine. There is nothing else like it

I also like a good pot of mulling spices burning on the stove. I love American Christmas’s where I can wear my woolies, warm my hands by the fire and partake in fun snow activities.

My dream is to have my family all come to a quaint little cottage at the Smoky Mountains and have a Dolly Christmas Spectacular. We would play board games galore, bake for hibernation, sing like real Dickensian carolers and eat to our hearts content. All whist dressed in plaid, well not necessarily the last part, but maybe.

I have recently incorporated a Gingerbread house into the mix since I have a toddler and what is more fun then building for hours and demolishing in seconds.

Run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me i’m out of the kitchen

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