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Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

My vintage Martha Stewart Christmas flare was in full swing this season. Keeping it rustic and traditional I went to town on a few decorative projects. All recyclable and second hand materials were used. I had my parents collect some pine cones for me because the ones near my house just looked like poo. When they came to my tree trimming party they brought me some hessian/burlap/ jute too. I had an idea of vintage ribbon, burlap and cans with some pine cones, and red berries with lights.

I use to collect things. Also I had so many pet projects until I had my daughter, I purged a lot and had a come to Jesus meeting with myself and said only if it’s beautiful or useful I will keep it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?! So I made sure I had a clear eye and vision. I definitely trimmed down my craft cupboard, trimmed is an understatement, more like excavated. Keeping in mind what I had left coupled with some posts I had seen, I was able to create and craft some pretty and useful projects.

Being on the sunny Gold Coast a warm and cosy Christmas was very far from our Summer Christmas experience. We have the beach, parrots flying by, tropical fruit, cheese platters and seafood at Christmas. That doesn't seem that rustic or cosy, quaint and cute maybe but no hot chocolate and ice skating.

My little one had some fake snow so I thought what better than to replicate the NYC Christmas’ I had years before. Envisioning Martha’s home upstate or on Cape Cod and having nostaliga, thinking I bet it had garland, a gorgeous tree, fresh baked gingerbread men, a wood burning fireplace, Nat King Cole playing, pine candles and plaid everywhere. The epitome of a country Christmas movie spectacular. All cosy and rustic. If this was not her then it’s my future self. Pretty Awesome huh?

I like the look of pine cones and berries. Perhaps a little wired fairy lights especially if you don’t want open flames.


3 Aluminum cans (tomato, beans etc)



Hot glue gun

pine cones

red christmas berries


Once your cans are empty put your cans in the dishwasher

Peel off the label while its still warm/ a little wet

You want it to be clean and label free

Cut burlap into sections mine were about 2 1/2 inches

Cut ribbon to the desired length

Get any other glued on items together because once you have the hot glue gun on you want to assemble it all fast

Arrange berries, flowers or candles

These can be a permanent Christmas time fixture, used year round with substituted arrangements or can just be a centerpiece whilst you need it.

Please be careful when gluing I have burned my leg before and I still have a light scar.

Christmas is my favourite time of year and I have thoroughly enjoyed those I have had in the Northern Hemisphere because there is something about Santa and Snow. We have been so busy this year that we almost didn’t have time to make these let alone post about them.

Looking forward to more decorating.

Happy Christmas!

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