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Flu Season is here

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Down in our neck of the woods it is winter and we have all sorts of germs buzzing about. It's the little things that can help keep you healthy throughout flu season. The old adage "Prevention is Better than Cure" is worth heeding.

I have found so many people in my neighbourhood that grow fruit trees yet let them go to waste and/or fall on the ground for the animals and grass. I have taken to strolling around with my bag and scissors, snipping away at fresh oranges, mandarins and lemons. What lovely citrus! So much Vitamin C and so good for your belly. We even found a pomegranate tree. BINGO! I was on our morning walk and my sister jumped up the wall to take the one that had just fallen. The lady behind us walking her dog asked us if we knew what they ere. We told her and she said, oh, thank our for letting me know. We just moved here and ere curious. Still we walk past and the tree remains heavy in fruit. It irks me though because so much good food is being wasted.

Back to our preventative measures.

As you notice once one family member, colleague or classmate gets a bug it spreads like wildfire; mostly due to contaminated surfaces. I am a germaphobe so keeping it all clean is a thing for me. Not to the point that you can lick my floor but you get the gist. I choose to use a lot of natural products and cleaners. I like the smell and I like to think that Mother Nature will thank me.

When I was younger, we used to have hot and colds. They were like hydro-aromatherapy. It was not so fun at the time but they sure did get your circulation buzzing. Just take two buckets; one with near boiling water ant the other with cold water, filled with ice. See how long you handle in alternating fashion This was pre ice bucket challenge days. Freezing as all get out. You can put essential oils in there for more pleasure and healing.


- Dress in layers, that way you are prepared and can regulate your temperature.

-Eat as much Vitamin C-rich foods as you can. Spare yourself to the point of nausea or diarrhea. Water soluble vitamins are hard to DO on.

- As the first sign I gargle some oil of oregano, use on guard or theives oil and ziang chiao

-Get plenty of rest, no all nighters. Well I mean if hey are playing all three Back to the Futures or you're going to Macklemore.

- WASH YOUR HANDS! One of the most important things you can do. The spreading of germs, flu, bacteria can be avoided by following this simple task.

If you do happen to catch something, know that it will pass. But bunder down with a goood book, some soup and go through the TO DO's as much as possible to minimize the effects.


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