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Holy Moly I am Having a Baby!

So you are having a baby! This is both the most joyous and scariest day of your life. EVERYTHING IS ABOUT TO CHANGE! But it doesn't have to be scary.

You have that elation and cloud 9 flood and then you have that ah ha! moment where you know your life will never be the same. This little bundle of joy will change your life forever. But maybe you are worried about the actual giving birth part or carrying a tiny human inside you for 3/4 of a year.

I know for me I was so beside myself because I had always wanted to be a mother and I knew this was right.

I did not want to know the babies gender so we waited and planned for everything to be neutral. I liked the gray, yellow and white colour scheme. Our names were already picked out and had been since we were dating. We did not want to tell anyone our names. Top secret CIA type deal over here.

I took pictures right after my pregnancy test marked TWO PINK LINES! Bingo, just like that I was on the nest. On a side note conceiving in the summer is the best idea, that way you do not have to go through a summer pregnancy and you get to have your little one in the Spring. The flowers are out and nature is abundant. Easter babies are the best, it is such a time for renewal.

Now let the planning begin. There are so many fun things to do. We only lived in a one bedroom apartment so our bedroom became nursery nation. We did section off one side to make room for us. We had to start training Henri Reginald, our British Shorthair, not to come in the bedroom. P.S. being pregnant gets you a "get out of cleaning litter box free" card.

Making lists, I love lists. We had fun, well I did anyway; going around to stores and scanning the items we wanted and would need. I didn't need a Starbucks run to keep up. I still cannot believe how much some folks spend on baby gear. I want nice things but boy some things cost thousands. Safety first but I wanted to save for traveling and adventures once the baby is here and I don't have a secret money tree.

You will visit the doctor's more than you have before in your life and ohhh just wait till you do the sugar testing. Icckkk! that is gross and takes hours, oh and you can't eat the night before.

Take as many classes as you can, read as much as you can and then just let it all go and enjoy being in the moment. Because it’s as though Murphy’s Law is in full throttle from there on in.

Patience is key and deep breaths.

Good luck! You will be great a great parent!

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