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How to Avoid Getting Mastitis

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

This is one thing you do not want whilst breastfeeding but it almost seems like a given.

I am so thankful that I did not get it to the extent that some women do. I was fortunate enough to feel it and catch it in its tracks before it developed to the point of needing antibiotics.

The first time i got it I felt a little run down, I had soreness in my breast and my nipple felt raw. It felt as thought my baby had sucked it dry and then had a nail file on her tongue. I could see milk trapped under the nipple.

I had reached out to friends and family that had been through it before. I was prescribed homeopathics and natural treatments.

How to treat mastitis:-

Feed feed feed

As sore as it may be the best thing to do is to get baby to suck through the clogged duct. When they are not feeding pump. I would just use my manual one for this. That way I could move around easier.

Cabbage leaves

Put these in the refrigerator. Once they are nice and cold place a leaf in your bra, leave for at least 10 minutes then change leaves. I usually went through 3., leaves that is not cabbages.

Hot compress or water bottle

Putting compressed heat on this area will help with pain and discomfort.

Gentle massage

I would take a hot shower and gently massage around that breast. You can usually see some red/ bruised looking areas so I tended to focus on those.

Some don’t’s :-


this sounds like the best idea and to a degree it is great but if you must then make sure you do not lay on your stomach. Lay on your side like when you had a pregnancy massage. Any pressure for too long on your breasts can clog the ducts. The other part is a massage helps to stir up toxins and drain them so this can release into the breast.

Kombucha and other fermented foods

These are wonderful to eat and drink but when breast feeding are not recommend much like a cleanse because they help flush out toxins. Therefore your breast milk can carry these properties and pass onto your baby and at a highly toxic rate.

Tight bras or clothing

You want to keep those milky breasts up and help yourself out on any future sagging but you don’t want an ill fitting bra or some dress that crushed them and cuts off circulation. Even wearing a sports bra that’s too tight can cause clogged ducts.

Sleep on your stomach

Much like getting a massage. This stops flow and causes clogs. I was so upset when I realised this. I was so excited to not be pregnant and begin stomach sleeping again. Well folks I am still unable to. Bah Humbug.

Don't ignore the signs. If you have a large supply, pump and donate or freeze, even discard if you have to

Drink plenty of water, massage breasts in shower or after with coconut oil, feed when necessary or pump. This will all help keep a healthy supply.

Most importantly feed it out

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