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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Updated: May 13, 2020

Maybe you’re not that big into Halloween or you are being dragged to a party. Here are some last minute costume ideas. Some are free depending how many random things you have or if you have a fancy dress box.

I find the more creative you can be the better. But sometimes you just have to work with what you've got!

Nowadays everyone has access to the Internet so you can pretty much rely on Pinterest to do your thinking for you. For great ideas on my page

When you have kids you can easily come up with some ideas that include an ensemble or like me try and squeeze into a kids costume. If you are Han Solo then you can pretty much be whatever you want and call it a costume. Also couples can come up with some super cute ideas.

Goldilocks and the three bears

Put pretty much any little dress on your daughter. Then the rest of the family members can wear some cut out bear ears and draw on a nose with make-up and be the mama, daddy and baby bears. If you don’t have a family of four then use a teddy bear as a prop.

Disney Tourists

It seems as though every household has a pair of mouse ears hanging around. If not make some with a sharpie and cardboard/ headband. Fanny pack/ bum bag and any shirt with a the name of a town, large picture, logo or better yet Hawaiian or Disney.


This is fairly easy. Raid your closet for any paisley, tie dyed, flares or bell bottom jeans. Bright colours and funky patterns are great. Any John Lennon glasses, long haired wigs, peace signs or flower badges. Fabric tied around your head


If you have a toddler then you have Frozen attire. I rummaged through our toy box/ dress up box, my linen press and found anything blue, white and silver and made an Elsa costume. She wore her trademarked dress and I was her distant sisters, fathers, cousin twice removed. We put on a Frozen musical first and took some photos.

Pun Costumes

Good Old Ceiling Fan- Get an old shirt and write “Go Ceilings” with permanent marker

Freudian Slip- Wear a slip and make a sign out of cardboard or name tag and write Freud on it

Serial Killer- glue cereal or cereal boxes over you and carry a fake knife

Chick Magnet- Pin, or glue on some magnets and some little yellow chicks or better yet peeps because then whoever you attract will have a bonus snack but for me I would be repelling because I loathe peeps…Marshmallows yes, covered in coloured sugar and stale tasting H to the no.

Historical Figure or Famous Person

This one can be quite interesting and just requires a little imagination.

Frida Karlo- I used a fake mustache but any eyeliner for the thick eyebrow, bright coloured dress and jewels, hair up with some flowers

Elton John- Bright suit and rose coloured glasses

Stevie Nicks- Pretty much any black, lace or bohemian looking dresses and shawls

Bonnie and Clyde- These original gangsters costumes are not that hard to find in your wardrobe A beret or fedora add to the look, some pearls. They wear a few different looks; skirt and sweater, suit, anything gangster vintage

Good luck and Happy Halloween!

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