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Me Time - Remembering You!

As a mother we get bogged down in the daily chores, schlepping kids around, feeding cluster feeders and tending to a significant other or various family members. No matter what your family dynamic is you still need "me time".

What that may look like is different for everyone. You may be a new first time mum and everything just seems so overwhelming. If you have a sleeper then you can probably find time to grab a shower, shave your legs and paint your nails. If like me you didn't then you need to rally the troops and ask friends and family for support. That is what I did when my sister came to visit- here you hold her I am shaving my legs. Just imagine “who let the dogs out” but who let the spider legs out!

Some of you may be women that have ended up solo with the baby, maybe you need to leave the baby with your mother while you go run a mile or hit the gym for an hour. We all have the need to just be alone with ourselves, our thoughts and our bodies…do you catch my drift?

Sometimes I have to pee with my daughter wanting to be “up” I mean nearly all cases involve her on the other side of the door, more often then not she wants to come in an play with the toilet roll, lift the toilet seat or just show me her new book. God bless her but mummy needs a minute sometimes. I really enjoy reading a good book just lounging around but that cannot happen with her in tote unless she wants me to read it to her.

If you have a great sleeper then you should have plenty of time: take a nice bath, give yourself a mani/pedi, watch a show or make a fun fruity drink and relax by candlelight.

Even running to the grocery store by yourself can feel like a treat, that way you don't have your kids putting everything they see in the cart or having a crying fit if you don’t buy it.

Maybe your thing is hitting the gym or going down to the beach for a run or swim. I also like to have some time to learn. I love a good book or to get my hands dirty.

During your me time try and relax. You can also try to make some to do lists and or any catch up tasks but it is important to try and decompress and have moments where you just turn off. Because I am sure like most of us you are on on on.

If you do have a family member or husband or even good friend that can babysit at your house you may have some peace of mind being close to your little one but not having to be attached. I know it was hard for me to leave my baby girl. I did not have anyone look after her besides my sister and it was no more than an hour at a time. She was attached at the nipple 24/7 too.

Enjoy yourself and enjoy your baby!

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