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No TV Until Two!

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Our precious little ones are just that. Their brains are so malleable and just forming. They do not need television and the stimulation that comes from television programs until they are older. Once they hit toddler-dome feel free to find some great programs that will help them with imagination and play. Also shows with music, dancing and engaging them.

I refrain from television in front of my daughter. If I want to watch something I wait till she goes to bed. I used to watch a few things on Hulu but even now I notice how I limit my own television usage. I have movie night twice a week and the rest is spent working on my blog or reading a good book.

I really hope parents can begin to understand how allowing television time for young ones can stifle your child's imagination. I am not even talking about a 30 minute session I am saying no screen time for babies. We want to allow their brains to develop and thrive. We want to allow them to experience creative play, challenge their thoughts and go through an array of emotions. Yes it may be more work for you at times. But let’s face it, being a parent is already more work so what’s a little more on top of that.

Your child will thank you and you will be paving a way to a bigger and brighter future. One that allows more activities instead of just being bored and numbing out with television. I have found that if you get excited, faked or not about a toy and or book you get out then they will play with it. You can take things to each part of the house you need to go to. Do this instead of plonking them in front of the tube.

Watching too much television even for adults is damaging to cognitive abilities. Just imagine what it is doing to infants who are still developing theirs.

A whole other topic is not running your home like a hotel and keeping everything fastidiously spic and span and not a thing out of place will not get you the home owners nobel peace prize. Some of us say I cannot get anything done unless I put television on. Having things your child can play with laying around for the day will not break your spirit. Perhaps model and establish a rule of help pick things up. Now back to the no TV part. Get them to play outside, watch you cook, do arts and crafts, there are a lot of products that are safe and baby friendly. Invest in toys that have engaging components. There are so many activities they can do semi-supervised.

Also the likelihood for engaging in physical activity drops if to much emphasis is placed on television and watching it. You don't want them being a couch potato. Try not to have television in bedrooms either. There is some truth toward if you sit to close to the television you will get square eyes or you will have to wear glasses.

Moral of the story try not to use television as a babysitter for infants. They have their whole lives ahead of them to Netflix and Chill. Once they are old enough choose good programs and limit their usage.

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