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What to wear to a concert?

We bought tickets to For King and Country. Excited to see them my sister and I started to think of our outfits. She takes to Pinterest and finds some cute ideas. Like band t-shirts with cute skirts, floral, suede or cord, with boots and fun accessories. Whereas I think of how I can create something or buy something at a store and alter it, that way no-one else has the same.

I am not one to follow trends. I dress how I feel!

I had animal print in mind. I was on the lookout for a leopard print. I found a leopard print denim skirt on sale for $12 and a cross tie cheetah print long sleeved blouse, and no I was not going to wear them together like a Safari Tuxedo. Being January in Australia it was hotter than Haiti. So the blouse was out of the question unless I was weight training for a fight and wanted to sweat some kilos. I wore my trusty true black boots, these guys have been with me for more than 10 years. I can walk around NYC all day long and not get a blister or have sore feet. I guarantee these are the only shoes I can do this with.

I opted for the leopard print denim skirt from Valley Girl. I paired it will a black lace top with frilly capped sleeves from Zara, another sale item from a couple of years ago.

The other token accessory we had with us was my little one. She wore her high top sketchers and a little dress. It was her first concert! We had so much fun. The guys in the band are such sweethearts and say a lot of inspiring stuff during their sets. We found it really up lifting! They had an intermission and we bought these cute necklaces to support the cause.

"Priceless- Women are priceless!" Happy to add this necklace to our outfit and rep the movement.

Needless to say we were still hot. Thank goodness for air conditioning but because it was an intimate venue that was packed to the rafters we did not feel the cool too much.

Bottom line wear something that makes you feel feminine and cruisy. I love the Glam rock look most. It doesn't deter too much from my personality either.

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