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Simple & Easy Meal Planning

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Weekly Menus

As i sit and think about tonights meal and what sounds appetizing I realize that I haven’t the time for a five course meal let alone one. But perhaps if I can make a meal plan I can shorten my time spent umming and ahhhing.

Coming up with a menu for the week is a great idea, it reduces the what to buy at the grocery store and also gives each family member the opportunity to pick one of their favorites.

It takes me back to my childhood when we were in high school and my parents would create menus for us. It made it interesting and very inclusive. I enjoyed being a part of it and all of the creative aspects. We also ate a heavy vegetarian diet and I find that suits me well.

I am happy to prepare meat dishes and I have come up with ways to minimize your kitchen time by cooking variations of the same thing and anticipating the requests. For example this week we are having:

Monday- Truffle and porcini mushroom ravioli with a pesto sauce and a side salad

Tuesday- Gado Gado one with sautéed chicken and the other with tofu

Wednesday- Fish Tacos (salt & vinegar battered)

Thursday- Daal and rice served with papadums

Friday- Going out for Ramen

Saturday- Mediterranean and paleo bowls

Sunday- Salmon and vegetables

In this I made sure Monday was simple and store bought because we would be out all day celebrating the holiday. Tuesday would require cabbage so I made sure I could use cabbage again on Wednesday so as to not waste it. You need to learn which vegetables keep and for how long that way you can space it all out. Cabbage will keep for a good couple of weeks if it is not moist and is either wrapped in foil or an airtight container. However who doesn't want fish tacos…I just figured we may as well use it all up right quick.

So if you take Tuesday for instance, all of the ingredients are the same bar the tofu and chicken. It is not that time consuming to use two pans and sauté them to please the vegetarians and meat eaters. It also means you don't have to cook two completely different meals.

I also try to vary what we have as far as meat goes, I think fish twice a week, meat (for the meat eaters of course) once or twice and the rest vegetarian. My daughter eats meat so I try to prepare variations of our meals for her too. She is only one so I want to be sure she is served healthy and nutritious meals without me having to cook another meal.

So be sure to include everyone, browse recipe book and sites, visit local markets and see what is out there for you. Cook up a storm and enjoy the great food.

Stay blessed and eat fresh,

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