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How to help with teething?

Teething Queen

The FDA just announced that the benzocaine in OTC teething gels is linked to seizures. They are asking companies not to market it any longer. said to pose serious health risks. They are warning not to use it, specifically 0-2 year olds.

They are asking stores not to sell it and will take all the necessary steps to discontinue this if it keeps up.

Such brands as:

Anbesol, Baby Orajel, Cepacol, Chloraseptic, Hurricane, Orabase, Orajel and Topex, as well as store brands and generics. The warnings about risk associated with benzocaine products for methemoglobinemia.

The AAP suggests a teething ring made from firm rubber or to gently massage your child's gums with your finger to relieve symptoms.

I never wanted to use these. I have found a lot of success with the homeopathic, chamomila 30. I know natural medicine is not always regulated but the benefit in this case outweighs the risk.

My daughter also loves ice, I melt very small cubes down so there is no choking hazard, great use with a wash cloth if need be and they are younger than 9 months.

I make her ice ghosts. I take the wash cloth and put a rounded piece of ice in the top and tie a rubber band around it. I watch her whilst she enjoys it so as to supervise.

We have bought just about every, BPA free, silicone, naturally sourced rubber, organic teething toy imaginable and the aforementioned by far have been the most comforting.

I have not given her tylenol or anything either. I have given it to her once or twice when she was sick because she would not stop screaming no matter what I did and she was in a lot of pain. I have found even breast feeding can alleviate her teething symptoms but then I have to safe guard my nipples in the event she wants to clamp down.

I know this is a difficult phase, but it to shall pass

I am in the throws of it. Children teeth differently too. Some literally get all their teeth at once, it’s like hey granny left her dentures out one day to hello chomper. Then there are others that you swear they are starting kindergarten toothless.

My dear one is a slow and steady teeth gainer. But boy do they take their sweet time coming down once they hatch. She is 13 months and has 7 and 1/4 teeth. I feel like she started teething at 3 and 1/2 months and then didn't get here first teeth till months later. The profuse drool made me so grateful for all of those bibs even though I was wondering why on earth I would need so many. Believe it or not I went out and bought more.

We all want them to be comfortable and lets face it when they are so are we. Try most things but steer clear of the OTC gels folks.

Also experimenting with clove oil and using a carrier oil to go with it. Even if it only brings temporary relief something is better than nothing.

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