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Toddler Crafts in Corona Quarantine

For us the decision to move back to Australia was a no brainer. With everything going on in world betwixt Covid-19 outbreaks sky rocketing, Black Live Matter Protests and riots we felt it best to go back to OZ.

Australia had adopted a mandatory quarantined stay in the "Quarantine Hotels" it was government organized and escorted. During that time I needed to entertain a toddler and that meant being fully prepared beforehand with as much as possible all the while not packing everything because it was a cross continental move. You get to four suitcases and you max out. I did bring at least two with all the arsenal a preschooler would need.

We got resourceful. Toilet paper rolls, take out boxes. The hotel staff were kind enough to indulge me in a roll of sticky tape. Butter knife became scissors and the crayons and pencils we had almost became non existent.

Thank Goodness my little one loves imaginative play, I sure was entertaining myself with horsehides and the limited hide and seek places. We watched a good amount of TV and there were definitely a lot of kids shows that showed crafts. That would be good but then she would ask to make those things and then I really had to put my thinking cap on to create.

A big thank you to Melissa & Doug mess free glitter! I love that stuff. Being in lockdown we did not have a vacuum or dustpan so you can imagine the lovely messes. Our play doh sessions were short lived as that and the modeling clay turned into an array of muddy colored rainbows.

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