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What Are You Grateful For?

Gratitude Tree

There are so many things to be grateful for. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own little world whether it’s a whirlwind romance, family life, vacationing, work, a new Twitter feed. We can fixate and put all our energy into that and forget to take a moment to say thank you, write a little note or even make a special gift for a person in our lives that is deserving of our recognition and time.

There are also those of us that are so caught up in what’s going wrong and how they have only had a bad hand. The poor me spirit that they exude. We have all been there but some just stay there and stay stuck and forget how grateful they can be right now. In the present moment. Each of us has at least one thing they can be grateful. No matter how hard we have been hit and struggled. Maybe it is just being alive, still being able to walk, eat a meal or have a shower. Pain is different for everyone and I don’t discount those feelings but I also think we can have

An attitude of gratitude

I encourage you to look around and lift your eyes to the sky, maybe there are some stars, you can take a moment to think how infinite your possibilities are. Don’t let negative words define you, don’t give up or give in too easily. Allow yourself the grace to make mistakes and learn from them. If you’re in a rut, seek help. We have so many resources, it seems that no matter what your socio economic background is we still have access to the Internet, there are libraries in many towns and cities that can guide you to the information you need. A lot of places have support groups. There is help out there you just need to want it. Be proud of having flaws, use your test as your testimony. Stand tall and brush off the dirt and the criticism.

I believe God doesn't give us more than we can handle

Make a list

I think that being aware of our gratefulness makes us more self aware and kinder people. It gives us the ability to lead with compassion and follow with recognition. Being courtesy of our fellow peers.

When you are still for a moment and reflect you can see so many times where we were protected, lifted up, blessed and sometimes given an opportunity that defies all odds. For some of us it is tiny moments and others larger. Whatever yours may be remember that nugget, that golden moment and pass it on. Giving what we have received can escalate the feeling of uplifting your spirit. For fun and for free. Give with a giving heart.

I am grateful for fond memories, having a child, being a mother, living in my current peace, fresh water, good food, family, Christmas, holidays, celebrate recovery, freedom, learning, teaching.

Take a moment right now and think.

Write a gratitude list!

Be thankful that you are taking a breath right now.

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