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What chores can kids do?

I am in the camp of teaching them early and having them help as a part of teamwork and the family unit. Each age group has chores or jobs they can do that are safe, and sometimes even fun.

Here are some suggestions:

Need to clean out your space and organize the chaos. If they are old enough to walk they can help with toy clean up. Even if you do most of the work. Involving them is key to this approach. Just do this solo if you think they may not want to purge their toys & stuff.

Once they have curiosity then encourage them to help with learning about washing clothes, they can help by putting them in the washer or putting their clothes in the hamper.

I was happy to encourage mine, she was excited to clear her dishes. However I did have to tweak it to have her put them on the counter for mummy instead of in the sink. Having a wooden stool is great that way they can help with cooking too.

If you use vinegar and water you can allow them to have a spray bottle and paper towel and go along side you and try to clean counters etc.

Once they hit double digits the skys the limit. So long as you follow the Motto "Safety First"

Help with lawn care, watering garden & planting.

Wash windows

Load and unload dishwasher

Fold and put away laundry

Food preparation

Here in Australia we have clotheslines and I always get my little one to help out. Most importantly they will look to you for guidance and model your behavior. Knowing this, at times we may have to go the extra mile to go pick our socks up off of the floor or not leave our coffee cup on the table all day long. For more suggestions and tips send me an email.

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