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What's your New Years Resolution?

New year, New vision! It is always a good idea to reboot, focus in on and start the year off right. Keep your vision strong and take a look at where you can enhance yourself. There is something about the turn of the year that makes you think about what you have done this year and where you are at.

My slogan this year was to have a no negativity new year

Early on in 2019 I could see a red flag popping up. There are a couple of relationships I have that need an enormous amount of patience and TLC. I healthily keep these people at bay with using every bit of mental health armour I have. Sometimes you just need to smile or nod and say okay, other times you really are just doing continuous damage control.

If you don’t have joy and serenity then everything else is futile.

There are so many people that forget to have accountability partners, forget to check in and therefore suffer. They may lead successful lives on the outside but on the inside, well saying they are a hot mess is an understatement.

Beginning the year in regular January fashion with a nice day at the beach and cleansing yourself in the water it just gives you the fresh start you need.

I noticed a pattern on Instagram in particular. I had a lot of women contacting me to see if I wanted to join their fitness regime, bootcamp or team. These ladies all seemed very lovely, some I still have a connection with but most it seemed that there was an expectation. There was a follow, unfollow but compared to all the entertainment people following and unfollowing these ladies seemed mild. I engaged with them all and I stated that I was happy to virtually meet them and that I was focusing more on my mental fitness than my physical right now. A lot talked about doing both, some thought that was key and a few just didn’t respond.

Some of my thoughts:

1. I say to myself this year I am going to enrich my spirit by taking 30 minutes in the morning to meditate and spend time with God.

2. I read books that will boost my vocabulary or awareness. Axiom by Bill Hybels is a good one

3. I pray about a relationship I have that may have issues I need to ameliorate. That word was one I added to my collection from the aforementioned book.

4. I weed out any toxic relationships and confront the issues we may have

5. I write notes, thank you cards to those I have strong bonds with

6. I ask myself these questions have I anything that I need to make amends for? What am I willing to change? How can I connect better?

I don’t make a list per-say but I do make some goals and plan out a little of what I want to do, what I want to focus on or which areas could use a little tune up. I am forever looking at myself and seeing where I can improve. Is it going deeper with my relationship with God, giving more time to myself, building new relationships, engaging more with the ones I have that may need confrontation or confirmation.

Making a resolution is a great idea but I think everyday is new and there is no better time to start than the present. I had a friend that said

make it an absolution not a resolution

Breathe and make 2019 the year you will be kind, love more and live fully.

Take it easy.

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